SSL certificate renewal - we don't know if it is being processed

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My domain is:

Good morning, the SSL certificate of our domain ( has expired on 27th December. We have made an online request to renew it on 31st of December. A message appeared saying that our request joined the queue of requests for certificate renewal. The certificate is unfortuntely not yet renewed.

The website manager who designed our website and got us to work with Let’s Encrypt does not work with us anymore and we are trying to deal with this situation by ourselves, without being experts.

We have received no notification from lets encrypt since the beginning of all this which makes us think that the contact details probably entered when we subscribed to Lets Encrypt are not relevant anymore but we don’t know how to change them.

Maybe this is normal timing for a certificate to be renewed. It would be reassuring to know if that was the case and if it is not, it would be useful to know what is expected from us.

All help is welcome!



Can you give more detail about this online request?

Can you login to the system (IP Address:

Thanks for your feedback! Here is where we asked for the renewal. We selected renew and immediately a message appeard saying that the renewal request joint a queue. But nothing happened since.

You need to contact SiteGround support.

It’s supposed to renew automatically. Indeed, Let’s Encrypt recommends renewing certificates 30 days before they expire; I don’t know what SG’s policy is, though.

It’s up to SiteGround to fix it, or at least figure out what’s wrong.

In the meantime, it may not hurt to retry the “Renew” option.

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MAny thanks for your help, I have now contacted siteground and all is solved.!


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