SSL certificate for web hosted service


I run a couple of sites on UnoEuro, which I would like to run on HTTPS.
I am new to the whole encryption scene, so I was hoping you could help me get there. :smile:

I need to create an x509 SSL certificate and get the certificate forthat, the CA certificate chain as well as the private key (where the private key cannot be password bound).

Is this possible?

Yes, you will get those:

Note that crt, key and pem are all just commonly used extensions for the same format, you’ll get files with the pem extension but you can just use them where you’re asked for crt or key files.

Thank you, but which of the commands should i use to get them?
Something like the following?

letsencrypt certonly --webroot -d -d

Would this work?

Did you manage to get it working?

Since April 14 UnoEuro supported 1-click Let’s Encrypt :smiley:

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