How can I get Private Key and SSL Certificate files

I am new to here and I want to create the key and certificate files. certificate has already been created on this domain by someone else. I need help regarding this.
My domain is:

thanks in advance.

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Please answer these:


Those questions that @9peppe re-posted (and that you deleted out of your post) are important, to help us figure out what's going. If you haven't tried anything yet--you just have a certificate, and no idea of how it got there--also look here:

Right now, you have one cert each for and, each issued on 19 Jan 22, and one for issued on 11 Jan 22. None of these is due for renewal yet, though all will be within the next couple of weeks. If your website is hosted somewhere else, this may be something they handle by themselves. Otherwise, we're back to the questions posted above--please answer them to the best of your ability.


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