How to generate SSL Certificate and SSL Key (with Let's Encrypt)

We have solution for CMS. We don’t have ssh access or any other access (with exception for admin tool to our CMS solution part). Solution using eu domain, which is hosted on another company;s server. They don’t want us provide SSL cert and SSL key. On solution with admin CMS system is part, where i am able tu put SSL cert file(s) and SSL key file(s). I use tool “” and i have CERTIFICATE REQUEST. But i am at the end.of my knowledge. How can I get SSL cert file ans SSL key?
Thanks for help!
BR, Ales B.

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Best answer is to consider using a better web host which would support Let’s Encrypt directly–there are lots of those out there. But if that isn’t an option, tools like can be helpful. Their instructions are here:
Keep in mind, the certs from Let’s Encrypt are only valid for 90 days, so you’ll need to renew at least that frequently.

Edit: “Renew” really is a misnomer–it’s simply “create another cert just like the last one, but with updated dates, and install that new cert.”


Generally to install an SSL certificate you or your CMS software will need enough permissions to write to the web server (or operating system) configuration, depending on how your CMS is hosted.

One alternative is to use a service such as Cloudflare (which has free plans) in front of your website. You add your site to Cloudflare, change your domain’s name servers to use Cloudflare and they in turn will proxy your site, complete with https.


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