How to generate Certificate

I have generated the private key using ZeroSSL with CSR file from my hosting company.

How do i now generate the certificate so my hosting can install it?

My domain is:

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

Hi @jovern

if your hosting company creates a CSR, there is the private key already created.

Now use ZeroSSL to validate your domain, so ZeroSSL can create a certificate from your CSR.

This step is required.

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That says: You have to create the first certificate. But you have to redo that every 60 - 85 days. So it's not a really good solution using ZeroSSL.

Your hosting company should support an integrated solution.

It's not quite clear what you meant exactly by saying that "generated the private key" and whether you are talking about an online SSL Certificate Wizard or one of the the ZeroSSL downloadable clients. If it's an online client, then all you need is to paste the CSR into the right text area on the first step and just click Next and follow the instructions provided. You can read more about the process or watch videos, which might help you.

I don’t believe this is worded quite right. If we are talking about an online client, it was never positioned as a replacement to the clients supporting automation. I have mentioned this here and also on ZeroSSL. There are cases though when it has its uses.

Ideally, yes. Failing that, you could look at changing the hosting to the one which supports Let’s Encrypt or even buying a VPS, which nowadays often comes cheaper than a shared hosting.

ok… yes I have a CSR from my hosting company. and I was reading the knowledgebase, that’s how I ended up at ZeroSSL.

let’s restart. I have a CSR and you said my host company would have a private key correct.
So how do I install Let’s Encrypt certificate as my hosting company is asking me for the certificate so they can help me install and activate SSL.

If someone want's to create a CSR, a public-private key pair is required. So if you have the CSR from your hosting company, they have already the private key.

That's the second step.

First step: Use an online tool like ZeroSSL to create a certificate ("transform the CSR into a certificate").

Second step: Send that certificate to your hosting company.

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