SSL certificate for Synolygy private NAS without a domain name?

If the local IP address doesn't change over time, you could create a hosts file on your computer(s) pointing this name to the local IP address so that you could use the name and see the valid certificate from within the LAN (although this would then prevent you from accessing the NAS using your computer(s) when you're not on your LAN). There are lots of different solutions to this limitation, although they're all a bit more work.

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Hi !

Thanks a lot for all your support!

Setting up DDNS I have thius error message on my Synology :

Failed to register IP address to hostname [Authentication failed.]

What do you think I did wrong?

Currently, points to in DNS, not If your public IP address was assigned by your ISP, you might not have your dynamic DNS client correctly configured to point the domain name to your address.

Thanks for the tip. This makes perfect sense for my home desktop.

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