SSL Certificate Details

My domain is:

The SSL Certificate issued to above domain name by 'Lets Encrypt'. I would like to get more details of above account. When it was created, how do I manage it further. As I am new to the team so trying to get hold of all the information. Thanks, Murali

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You don't "manage" it.

You just renew it if it has less than 30 days left, or you get a new one if you want to change you domain names.

If you can explain what's not clear to you, we can offer more specific answers.


Thank you! Can you confirm the domain certificate is issued by Lets Encrypt and its renewed every quarter automatically free of charge.

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There is no charge for a Let's Encrypt certificate. Whether, and how often, it's renewed is really a matter of how you've configured whatever software you're running. But the most-common clients do schedule a periodic renewal task that will keep the certificate up-to-date.


By default the certificate expires after 90 days.

The current recommendation is to renew after 60. The current recommendation is also to check if the certificate needs renewal twice a day. If you installed certbot the proper way this should be already happening.


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