Some visitors cannot access site

My domain is:

AWS and Traefik that manages certificates with LetsEncrypt.

The landing at is up and running but some users during the last months indicated that they cannot access the webpage. It seems to be mostly larger organizations and some indicates that the certificate is "invalid" and some other have sent that they receive "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" (so probably not related to certificates?)

I would just like to confirm that the certificate is setup correctly. Could you please confirm that it is served correctly or did I miss something to configure? Could some visitors on some devices / inside larger organizations still not have the trusted root certs needed?

From my understanding the certificate is valid and served with ISRG Root X1. Any insights if this somehow is related to the certificates would help me out a lot, thank you!

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Welcome to the community @johan_cling

Yes, I agree your site is sending a valid "long chain". This forum site also uses that chain.

There are some older clients that will object to the expired DST Root. This thread gives more details

If you can provide more info about the clients that are failing we could give better advice. This would be what oper sys and client (browser or program) and their version numbers.


Hi @Johan_Cling and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

I think that is the case here.
Your site is working as expected.
That said, I find it a bit peculiar that the "www" site uses a different cert than the apex.
Both work and are valid... but there are two certs:


The second cert could be used by both [and you could delete the first one].


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