[SOLVED] Possible to change email address of whitelisted domains?


Hi there,

first of all thanks for letting me into the closed beta: so far I like what I’m seeing :smile:

Now I have a question related to a “mistake” on my side: I signed up for the closed beta with one email address and a couple of domains that I wanted whitelisted, so far so good, got them all whitelisted. But somehow I also signed up with a second email address for one whitelisted domain and that got whitelisted too, just under the the second email address.
Can i just create the certificate for that domain with the first email address? Or are whitelisted domains and email addresses currently linked so that in that case I would get a “non-trusted” certificate?


There’s no link between your beta notification email address and the domains themselves. They’re all whitelisted, so as long as you can prove ownership via the ACME protocol - via a client - you can generate certs for them all in any combination, or any accounts, you choose.


Thanks for the prompt reply. I was assuming something along those lines but just wanted to be sure.