[SOLVED] Whitelist domain status: pending or rejected?

Hi there,

I hope this is the right category for my question.

I signed up and was invited to the closed beta with all the domains I had requested whitelisted. I added a few more - not at the same time - and recieved several updated invitation mails with an updated list of my whitelisted domains. I am still missing one domain I requested. Is there a way to find out whether it is still pending or has been rejected for some reason. In the latter case the reason would also be nice to know.


He meant he wanted to know if his request has been denied or still pending.

If you send me a PM with the domain that is missing, I can look up the reason it got rejected for you.

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Thanks for the offer @jcjones but it got whitelisted in the meantime, so it seams that it was just pending :smile:

The reason I was assuming it might have been rejected was that it’s my hostname from a dynamic DNS service.

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