Accepted to Beta however, the wrong hostnames were whitelisted

I just received my beta acceptance, however the hostnames white listed in the email are wrong. The domains that are listed appear to be a mish-mash of the actual domains given.

For example, I requested (just an example, not the real domain) and received and instead of the actual domain. I also submitted and instead was whitelisted for instead of

Only one of the domains I had requested is actually correct, the rest are a mish-mash of the actual requested domains. Do I need to re-submit to the beta? If so, no problem, I just need to know where to go from here.

This has been corrected. It was a mistake on my end. Sorry about that.

could we know WHAT was the mistake, in case it happens to others as well?

I had apparently mistyped the domains when I entered them on the beta sign up. They’ve since been resubmitted correctly, and put back into the back of the queue.

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I must have mystiped too, I submitted 4 domains
but in the whitelist I received by email 2 of those domains have merged

for ex:

instead of

do I need to delete those wrong whitelisted “merged” domains ?

where/how to resubmit the domains ?

great, thank you for the fast answer

That sounds like exactly what happened to mine. I wonder if it’s actually an issue with the form and not mistyping the domains.

if it really looks like 2 domains it might have been human error as it was said once that the whitelisting is handled by human paperwork for now.

I very highly doubt that I mis-typed the domains I’ve been typing daily for years now. However I guess it’s possible. At this point, I’ll just wait until the public release. I was giving the benefit of the doubt, however completely missing half of a domain name I’ve typed thousands of times, isn’t something I’m likely to do, let alone do on multiple domains when entering them in a form.

I would bet this has happened more than just the two times posted here, but people either don’t care enough to come to the forum, or are just going to wait until public release and hope it works.

I wasnt saying that it was mistyped. but if the domain actually looks like 2 domains then it might have been a human error of the whitelisting ppl who might have thought that it might have been a typo and made that 2 domains.

iirc it’s one domain per line, maybe some folks did space separated domains instead ?

I was quite careful entering them, and made sure it was one domain per line.

I had an issue like becoming just and

There is pretty much zero chance of me skipping half of my domain names when typing them, but what they told me, was that I must have mistyped them when entering them. Only one of the domains I entered was correct, the rest were all a mishmash of half domain names with wrong TLDs.

I could understand if it was one domain and I missed a letter or something, but it was all screwed up horribly and a complete mishmash of my actual domain names.

I’ll just wait until it’s out of beta, and made sure there aren’t a ton of issues, but this doesn’t give me much faith at all.

OK I must have missed something here

one domain per line ?

but on the google doc form I read
"Separate multiple domains with a comma."

I guess I’m using the wrong form ?

might have been my incorrect recall