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Hi guys

Just getting started! Looking forward to it. A really basic question I couldn’t see in the FAQs. Previously when I’ve had Certs from other companies I’ve had to provide a particular email address like When doing this on DO, can i provide a Gmail address of similar for the certs?



Yes, you can provide whatever email address is most convenient for you.


Thanks for your help man! Just thought I’d check now whilst my server is in it’s infancy! :slight_smile:

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This was for performing domain-validation via email. Let's Encrypt (and the underlying ACME specification we implement) doesn't support domain validation by email. We have three other options (called SNI-01, HTTP-01, and DNS-01 in the spec).

We only use the email you provide with your registration for contacting you if there is a problem with our services or to warn you when your certificates are going to be expiring. It's 100% optional to provide one and as @serverco mentioned it can be whatever email address is most convenient and doesn't need to be an address using one of the domains on the certificate.

Hope that helps!


It does a lot thanks! :slight_smile:

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