[solved~ish] Expiry Bot - Got notified about someone else's domain names


I have received an expiry notification for a bunch of domain names that are not mine and I have never heard of them before.
I have contacted the owner (looked them up via WHOIS).

Could it be that whoever created the certificates for those domains used my email address?
What else can I do? I assume this shouldn’t normally happen.

Thanks in advance for any tip the community can give me.


Hi @ScorpioDigitalis,

It could be that someone else used your e-mail address. If you use the unsubscribe link in the reminder e-mails, it’s currently global so you won’t get any more Let’s Encrypt reminder e-mails at all.

Sorry that happened!

Hi Schoen,

Thanks for the quick answer.

Meanwhile I remembered, that I do use this mail address for one of my domains.
And apparently my site is hosted on the same IP as those in the notification.

I’m beginning to think that it’s not an issue with letsencrypt, but instead it might be a bug in the control panel or some weird cert back-end of my hosting company.

I’ll ask them.

@ScorpioDigitalis is it Plesk by any chance? To quote @pfg from another thread:

Would make sense :slight_smile:

That might be it. The control panel on the hosting site does seem outdated. Maybe they use that plugin and didn’t update it.

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