Expiry Bot spam - Plesk plugin issue


i use Let’s Encryptt for different sites. For one of this domains i often get emails from the Expiry Bot. The problem is, that the listed domains are not my domains. Also the expiration date does not match to my domain.
Is this spam or a bug in the system?

People can enter whatever e-mail they choose, so unfortunately someone can enter your e-mail address too. I’m sure it was per accident.

Perhaps you might be able to find a contact person from the domains listed in the email itself?

Just in case you’re using Plesk: this is unfortunately a known issue with their existing Let’s Encrypt plugin. From what I can tell there doesn’t appear to be a fix or workaround yet. Unfortunately, it’s not something that Let’s Encrypt can fix on their end.


Looks like you are right. It’s a Plesk system and i just checked some of the domains in the notification emails. They all ping to the same IP.
So, i only can wait until they fix it.
Thank you.

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