I get expiration notes for domains I don't own

During the last two days I recieved Mails, telling me that my certificates will expire.
The Problem is: the named domains were not registered by me and I don’t even know them.
Any Idea?

Well, the e-mail addresses used aren’t verified, so perhaps someone filled in your e-mail address by accident?

might be. is there any chance to clearify, that i’m not owner of this domains?
can users of this websites see my mailadress in the ssl-infos?

Are you using Plesk by any chance? This is a known issue with their plugin for Let’s Encrypt:

You won’t be able to change the mail address for accounts whose account key you don’t have (though, just to clarify, that’s not what this Plesk bug does). Let’s Encrypt does not add mail addresses to the certificate (as it’s not validated, and not typically part of Domain Validation certificates). You have the option to unsubscribe, but that would be globally (i.e. for anything domain where you might use this address).

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