"Slow down, too Many Requests from this IP Address"

Hi guys at @lestaff,

I was editing a post and when I tried to send the post, I got some kind of 4xx error popup. Opening a separate Community window showed a “Slow down, too Many Requests from this IP Address” error.

I guess this is due to the fact the post editor is saving a draft every few seconds during the typing of the message. I’d like to suggest two things:

  • either increase the maximum amount of requests per IP address to this community or decrease the interval of draft saving during post typing;
  • Fix Discourse somehow to show the actual error message when trying to send the post. Just getting a 4xx error popup doesn’t mean anything to the user… I was enclined to try and send my post over and over again, probably making things worse!



Thanks for the report! I checked the admin settings and couldn’t find a setting that seems to control “too many requests from this IP address.” It sounds like this may be a Discourse bug. Would you mind posting to https://meta.discourse.org/?

Also, a friendly reminder that not everyone on lestaff is a guy! :smiley: Some alternatives I like: “Hi folks,” “Hi friends,” “Hey peeps,” “Hello everyone,” and of course “Top of the morning to y’all!”


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