Error in Debian


First, the text in the field isn’t normal?? Second When I type in my e-mail i doesn’t want to work. What is the problem??

The problem it states is “Too many registrations from this IP”

It also states “please see the logfiles in /var/log/letsencrypt for more details”

What detail does it provide in the log ?

This is the output in the log:

pastebin com/eL0f8h8X

(I removed a dot)

The rate limit for registrations per IP address is 500 per 3 hours. Did you attempt to automate something which accidentally entered an infinite loop or something like that? Or is this a shared IP address?

Either way, the answer for now seems to be to wait approximately 3 hours (depending on when those registrations were first created).

I typed in following on my Debian VPS. And that is my IP, only my.

apt-get install git
git clone
./letsencrypt-auto certonly --manual

And then the error occured…

That’s very, very odd. Is this a new VPS by any chance, or a new IP? I suppose it’s possible that whoever held the IP previously used up the rate limit just before you got it, but that would be an amazing coincidence (might want to play the lottery today if that’s the case :smile:).

I’d recommend waiting a few hours and seeing if it goes away. Make sure nothing’s Let’s Encrypt-related is running in the background (a quick ps aux should be able to verify that). If it doesn’t go away at all, I’m sure someone from the Ops team would be happy to take a look at it, since this does seem rather odd.

I always have my VPS since 2 months with this IP :(… I am waiting a few time, but I think nothing will be changed then. And whats about the Textbox in the picture? Thats buggy… There a so much letters…

Unfortunately I seem to be unable to load that screenshot, I just get “The image “” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.” with all browsers I’ve tried.

If you’re using PuTTY, this is a common error. (Just guessing at this point.)

Hmm. Ok, sry for that picture problem. Thats not good. The letters are q, k and x