Site not working after installing certbot

Hello all, my site runs on a VPS. I have Ubuntu 26, apache. I successfully installed cerbot on my site. Now my site is not running. Error 502. I use Cloudfare. Will be grateful is somebody can tell what changes I have to make in Cloudfare.

Users accessing your website will connect to CloudFlare.
CloudFlare will then connect to your server and provide and cache that content.
The 502 error seems that now CloudFlare is no longer able to reach your server.

I have also written elsewhere (and maybe I should write up in more detail) that most CloudFlare users don’t receive a clear benefit from using Let’s Encrypt certificates on their sites.

CloudFlare has its own CA arrangements that it uses to get a certificate (not from Let’s Encrypt) which is used by the CDN servers. CloudFlare also connects to your origin server in order to send and receive content when necessary. That connection should also be protected by HTTPS and using a certificate. However, CloudFlare offers its own “origin CA” for this purpose:

There is an argument that if CloudFlare is the only entity that connects to your origin server, the CloudFlare origin CA is more secure compared to a public DV CA because it can authenticate you more confidently than the public CA can, and you don’t have to trust as many entities.

I guess an advantage of setting up a Let’s Encrypt cert behind CloudFlare is that it makes things easier if you decide to stop using CloudFlare in the future, because then there’s one fewer additional step involved in switching away from them.

(I agree with @rg305 that the reason for the error that you’re experiencing is that CloudFlare can no longer connect to your origin server, which may or may not have anything to do with your HTTPS setup.)

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