Moving from Cloudflare to Let's Encrpyt


I want to move my website from cloudflare to let's encrypt ssl without getting my website down. How much time will it take? Will my website get down?

My domain is:

My web server is (include version): Apache

Are you using cloudflare as a CDN? Because they want to be paid to use your own certificate. And it can be an issue replacing the cert every two months.

If not, you can generate your certificates without downtime and install them without downtime.

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I am not clear what you are asking exactly but it sounds like something better handled at Cloudflare support or their community forum.

You currently have two different active certificates. See here

Your website is sending the one issued by Cloudflare in Apr 2021. See here (Update: Well, connections from a client browser to your domain return this one as it comes from the Cloudflare edge)

With the Cloudflare CDN, there is a certificate used by the Cloudflare edge for HTTPS between the edge and the client (browser). There is often another cert for https between the edge and your origin server. CF has several options for setting this up.

One option Cloudflare offers is an Origin CA cert which can have a very long life for https between your origin server and its edge. This may be a good solution for you and let Cloudflare manage the cert for the edge to client.


Me neither.
I suppose they want to replace the CF cert with an LE cert [or replace CF CDN with some other CDN or direct hosting].
Without more detail it is difficult to give any meaningful advice.


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