How-to Get CloudFlare sites from using Lets Encrypt certs?


Hi all,

I have a free CF account and wondered if I am able to deliver a LE cert through CF?
Have been looking around CF admin console and not sure how, but did see following on “Edge Certs” see the attached image.

Also, looked at posts on here but dont see abvious answer how this is achived,

Thanks in advise for the advise.



If you are using Cloudflare & not in Business or Enterprice plan, you will not be able to use Custom Edge Certificates (can only use original CF certs)

However, you can still use LE on traffic between your server & Cloudflare Server.

Thank you


Hi stevenzhu,

So thanks for the quick reply, so let me see if I understand this.

Yes, I do have an LE cert applied to the site, but when going to the site on https:// the site formatting is screwed.
I am not much of a wordpress expert, and when changing on WP Settings the URL this then breaks the site.

So i have to revert back to http://

The part I am not clear about is; I can use LE between the webserver nad CF servers, so delivery to rest of the world I am stuck to using CF 1-year certs which I have to pay for, right?



Your cloudflare certificate is automatically enabled when you signup for Cloudflare.
So when you are trying to enable https, you only need to go to your admin panel and switch site & admin address to https.(On admin -> general)

You won’t need to pay if you want to use their free universal ssl (shows as or, only the order ssl button (which will gave you a paid *.domain.tld or custom ssl) will ask you to pay.

Thank you


Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated!
I will play with CF console and get the site working using CF own certs publicly.


Check for non-HTTPS URLs on your website which may cause your layout problems. A helpful site is


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