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Dear Jürgen
Our site is and we have all the time recurrent problems with certification securing the site:
I get messages like this ‘’ site is not secure’’, or ‘‘your connection is not private’’, from Safari and other browsers. The site administration gives me all is good and secure…
Often it reads that the name of the certificate and the name of the site are not the same.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @ArbaleteTrading,

Your certificate covers, but not Google Chrome treats these as the same name for certificate purposes, but all other browsers don’t, so both names should be included in the certificate if anyone is meant to (or likely to) access the site using the www form. Whatever method you use to obtain the certificate should allow you to list both names in one certificate.

Thank you very much. Do I have to do something now, to avoid these problems?
Basically there are clients visiting the site and get this kind of messages, which makes them very insecure towards our site and our credibility.

Yes, you should obtain a new certificate that covers both names and install it in place of your existing certificate.

Can you tell me how to do this, please?

How did you create your original certificate?

A friend that is a programmer helped me…

Unfortunately, I think you should probably ask for that friend’s help again in making this change.

Thank you very much, at least I know now what to look for!

Hi @ArbaleteTrading

looks like you have already found a solution.

There is a new certificate with both domain names:
expires in 90 days, - 2 entries

And both https connections (non-www and www) are secure, Grade B, that's good.

There are a lot of old certificates, first from 2016-10-16 22:16:00, two certificates, one with non-www, one with www.

Dear Jürgen
That’s a miracle…How can I double check this info on the admin page/console, as it mentions that for the encryption there’s no preference (you have like 3 possibilities - www.

  • and - none
    The dot is on - none, but I can’t access the changes…
    Thank you all soooo much for your time and assistance…:slight_smile:

How can I change or delete what you called old certificates…
thank you again

That's the result of the check with my online tool -

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.057 A 301 0.057 A 301 0.486 B 200 1.240 B

Certificates are logged in Certificate Transparency logs. These are readonly - appendonly - Logs.

So you can't delete entries. Check the CT-part of your domain -

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