Website is showing 'your connection to this site is not secure.'

Not sure if it’s something to do with let’s encrypt or some other certificate issues? How can I verify this?

Thank you in advance,

Can you show us the exact warning message that your browser displays? It should be willing to give you a more specific reason. Also, could you tell us your domain name?

Maybe there’s more information below or you can click “Advanced” to see the explanation of why it’s not secure?

@schoen Unfortunately, the “Details” button has been removed from that window in Chrome.

To view security info, one would nowadays press Ctrl-Shift-i and go to the “Security” tab.

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Yikes! Thanks for the tip, @Osiris.

@thomasp1, sorry for asking you for something I guess your browser was not displaying after all. Could you follow @Osiris’s suggestion to get the explanation of the error? (or tell us your domain name?)

can you also let us know what your domain is so we can test with other browsers and isolate the issue :smiley:

a useful tool to run your website through is which does a whole lot of checks


Hi all,

Thank you for your help. Apparently the domain was setup not to be secured from the beginning. So all is good for now…

Got me worried for nothing…


hi @thomasp1

you are not out of the woods yet

review: Don't work on chrome 58 dev (newbie)

the current CA you are using has been marked as untrusted by chrome and the latest version of chrome will mark the sites as insecure

firefox will also do this in the near future so you want to think about changing your certificate authority


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