Your connection is not secure/private

Hello everyone,

My client and some of his website visitors are seeing these errors on Chrome and Firefox “Your connection is not secure/private”.
My client is using MacOS, and so am I but I am not getting the errors he is getting.

The key was set up yesterday, and I am getting an A on
Domain name is:

System setup:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-45-generic x86_64)
  • Apache/2.4.23
  • Running the website WordPress latest version
  • I am redirecting all http links to https
    Am I missing anything else ?

Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you

What specific error message do they get? On what site? works for me, but the certificate isn’t valid for, so that site fails with that error message.

If you want the certificate to cover, you should run certbot again, changing “-d” to “-d -d”, make any necessary configuration changes to your web server, and reload or restart it.

Hello mnordhoff, thanks for taking the time to respond

Here are the screenshots of error messages on both chrome and firefox.

I expanded the certificate to include the domain with www. I will have to wait and see what my client says after he tests, I am not aware of any technique to generate the errors myself.


Perhaps in Advanced in Firefox the client could export a copy of the cert and you could post that here (to ensure that it’s the same cert that we’re all seeing)?

The steps in Firefox are Advanced / Add Exception… / Get Certificate / View / Details / Export…

Then the user would choose a name for the .crt file and then send it to you (say, as an e-mail attachment).

If the user’s browser isn’t accepting the cert, it’s also possible that there’s something unusual about the browser or OS rather than something wrong with the cert.

I found this from Google. It was helped me to fix my issue.

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