Single ddns multiple servers

Hi there,
Currently I have a single ddns host with a let’s encrypt certificate.

If I create another server and use an existing ddns name with a different port (since https is taken) what’s the best way to set up the let’s encrypt on this second host, do I re-use the certificate I already have or create a new one? What about renewals?

Running Ubuntu lxc containers

Many thanks

Certificates are bound to domain names only, not ports. You can use one certificate for any number of ports, as long as the domain name is included in the certificate.

You’ll also have to think about how you’re proving control over the domain names to the CA.

So I can use the same one, thank you.

Since I already have a working setup with one server and automatic renewal, would I just copy the certificate to the other server, rsync and restart apache?

Sorry, this is all new to me so I don’t know what you mean

I was writing a long reply but I realized that I misread your situation and you only have one hostname, not one hostname per VM. Dealing with the case of a separate hostname per VM is potentially much more complex, but it’s not the situation that you asked about and so my thoughts about that complexity don’t really apply to your situation.

Sorry for the confusion!

All good, thanks for the help

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