Should I recreate a new Cerficate each time I update my main server exe file?

Hello !

I have sucessfully generated, installed and used a certificate for a personal HFS Server (I am using (GitHub - rejetto/hfs: HFS is a web file server to run on your computer. Share folders or even a single file thanks to the virtual file system.).
All has been fine for few months, including one renewal (via certbot).

Now if I try to upgrade the server, i.e install a new main executable - any new version, all seems fine from the server side, but my server can't be reach anymore from the internet. Error : domain can't be reached... Server is running on Windows10.
Rolling back to original exe makes it work again. Hopefully :wink:

Am I supposed to regenerate or renew my certificate each time I upgrade the server ? or should I investigate further from the server side...

I'm not familiar with the software you're running so I'm not quite following your question, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no. You should be able to configure your new version of your server to use the same certificate as the old version. You would only need to create a new certificate if you were changing the domain name you were using or something along those lines.


Thanks a lot for your answer!
I don't change the domain name so I believe you're right, it should still work with the same certificate, or it would be quite cumbersome...
The issue is probably somewhere else. I'll now seek help on the HFS github itself :wink: