Need to re-create a server which already has a certificate

I had a LOT of problems getting a certificate for a new server. It was/is going to be a dedicated mailserver.

I almost finished the installation (I thought) but as always, the How-To documents were (as usual) incorrect and it is so kaput, my only option will be to start over (at least I know where most of the mistakes were including the Certificate creation.

Which will be the easiest option:
1 revoke the certificate and then start over and try to create a new one on a server with the same name and IP or
2. Kill the server, delete from disk and then create a new one with a different name and IP?

My guess would be #2.
Am I right?

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I'm not sure about the rest of your question, but unless you suspect a compromise of your private key, "revoke the cert" is never the right answer.


Good enough for me. Thanks


With regard to getting a certificate: neither.

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