Check who is the seller of the certificate

Hello. We need to move the domain to another server. The domain administrator doesn’t remember who sold to him the SSL certificate. Is there a way to retrieve it and to request it again ?

Hi @sunclaude,

The certificate that you’re using now is from us (Let’s Encrypt). You don’t have to cancel or invalidate this certificate in order to get a new one on your new server. So I would suggest just setting up the new server and requesting a new certificate on that server. Multiple certificates can have overlapping validity.

The way of getting a new certificate on the new server depends on what kind of hosting environment it is and what kind of web server software you’re using there.

OK. So as I understand there is no way to recover the certificate installed on the old server without having access to it ?

Effectively yes. Technically you can get the certificate itself as that is publicly logged information. However, in order to use it, you would also need the private key. The private key should only exist on the server itself - neither Let’s Encrypt nor anyone else should ever see that information. If you don’t have access to that server, you’ll have to generate a new certificate as Schoen mentioned. However, you would have had to do this within the next couple months anyway, as Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. This will be a good time to get the automated renewal set up on your new server as well.

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