Need existing certificate for moving to new Server

Hi there,

the cert for domain is from letsencrypt, but the server crashed. i have moved the domain to another server and need the old certificate - if possible.

can you help me?

what kind of client you used?
if certbot it would be somewhere in /etc/letsencrypt/live/ (by symlink)
but it’d be faster to just request new cert from new server.

Hi Orangepizza,

the domain and website ist used in LiveConfig Panel.

The new server only has Certificate to buy them from Commodo

Best regards


Hi @Tagri,

The old certificate is only useful together with the associated private key, which is only ever stored on your server and is never copied anywhere else. The certificate authority doesn't possess this private key.

If the old server is completely inaccessible and there are no backups, the old certificate will be unusable.

This sounds like a policy decision on the part of the hosting provider. You might want to consider using a web host that has support for Let's Encrypt.


everything’s perfect. The new Provider have letsencrypt for choice and the Site has an new Certificate.

Thanx a lot an happy xmas


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