Secure Plesk With a Let's Encrypt Certificate


Plesk is asking me to secure my server plesk.
As you guess, my plesk is hosted on my server without domain name. I am connecting to my VPS server Pleask with an IP:port address, login and password.

So to secure this x.x.x.x:x server, Pleask recommand me to install Secure “Plesk With a Let’s Encrypt Certificate” which is asking me for a domain name and an email.
But my plesk server doesn’t have domain name. My websites are already secure with ssl certificate.

Please see screenshots for better understanding.

My question is "How to install and set up this “Let’s Encrypt Certificate” on my server which doesn’t have domain name?

Thanks inf advance for your help.

Kind regards

Hi @FormationGrowthHacki

simple answer: That’s not possible.

Letsencrypt can only create certificates with a public visible, worldwide unique domain name.

But: You can use one of your existing domain names. Create a subdomain, the A record is your public ipv4 address (or add an AAAA with your public ipv6 address).

So: You need a public visible ip address, if you want to use http validation.

If that doesn’t exist, you may use dns validation. But I don’t know if Plesk supports that.

PS: Your screenshot: localhost.localdomain isn’t a valid domain name.

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