Same Let's Encrypt Account on multiple servers

Hopefully someone will know the answer to this, but is it possible to use the same Let’s Encrypt account on multiple virtual servers.

I only ask because I know other people here specify the accounturi parameter in their CAA records.

The client I use is ACME.SH, that has files in the CA/acme-v02.api folder called “account.json”, “account.key”, “ca.conf”.

The “CA.conf” has the account URL with the full path “” which I guess is all you would need for the “accounturi” parameter on the CAA record? but obviously to do that all the servers would have to use that account URI

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You can use the same account on any number of servers.

I would advise against that though:

  • if one server becomes compromised, you’ll have to revoke the certs/keys on the other servers
  • there are per-account rate-limits
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I just wanted to know if it was possible.

It seems to not be possible as @JuergenAuer mentioned he tried here:

and Let’s Encrypt seemed to not issue the certificate. Although I’m not entirely sure if the accounturi parameter is supported on the production environment yet?

Edit: The below links seem to suggest the production environment does not yet support the extra parameters:

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