Is using multiple accounts for the same domain allowed?

I would like to get certificates for the same domain from 2 different servers, using DNS challenge. In my setup it is not convenient to synchronize certificates or accounts between this servers, getting separate certificates using different letsencrypt accounts is much easier.

Does Letsencrypt allow such usage? Or will it block the domain and both accounts?

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Hi @selivan

short answer: That's possible.

Two servers are ok - that will not hit a limit.

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Thanks @JuergenAuer ! That helped.

What is the limit exactly? After you mentioned the word "limit", I've found this doc: but it doesn't say anything about getting certificates for same domain from different accounts.

That's unrelevant.

Only relevant: The number of certificates.

2 servers are ok. 6 servers > 5 would be critical.


The duplicate certificate limit of 5 per week is across all accounts.

The certificates per registered domain limit of 50 per week is across all accounts.

The new orders limit of 300 per 3 hours is per account.



What is this limit? I don't think I've ever seen it before. Is it based on the duplicate certificate limit?

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