Running Let's Encrypt: Error renewing certificates


Sorry as this is the first time I'm using bncert tool. I have two domain which I wanted to install SSL. The tool worked without any issues on one of the domain, however I see I'm unable to install properly on the other domain. Initially the process was terminated with an error, which I had to change DNS records and I did, later I tried to install SSL again. I get the error as below. Please let me understand where I have been wrong and what can I do to solve the issue.

sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

Welcome to the Bitnami HTTPS Configuration tool.


Please provide a valid space-separated list of domains for which you wish to
configure your web server.

Domain list :

Warning: A certificate for the list of domains you entered already exists. It
will be used instead of generating a new one.
Press [Enter] to continue:

Enable/disable redirections

Please select the redirections you wish to enable or disable on your Bitnami

Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection [Y/n]: y

Enable non-www to www redirection [Y/n]: y

Enable www to non-www redirection [y/N]: n

Changes to perform

The following changes will be performed to your Bitnami installation:

  1. Stop web server
  2. Configure web server to use an existing Let's Encrypt certificate and renew:
  3. Configure a cron job to automatically renew the certificate each month
  4. Configure web server name to:
  5. Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection (example: redirect to
  6. Enable non-www to www redirection (example: redirect to
  7. Start web server once all changes have been performed

Do you agree to these changes? [Y/n]: y

Create a free HTTPS certificate with Let's Encrypt

Please provide a valid e-mail address for which to associate your Let's Encrypt

Domain list:

Server name:

E-mail address : [My email]

The Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement can be found at:

Do you agree to the Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement? [Y/n]: y

Performing changes to your installation

The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool will perform any necessary actions to your
Bitnami installation. This may take some time, please be patient.


An error occurred renewing certificates with Let's Encrypt:

2021/05/04 13:49:20 Account [My email] is not registered. Use
'run' to register a new account.
child process exited abnormally

Please check our documentation and support forums, we'll be happy to help!

Press [Enter] to continue:


An error occurred when applying configurations.

The web server configuration was left unchanged. There was an error in the new
configuration, so it was reverted.

Failed steps:

  • Running Let's Encrypt: Error renewing certificates

Find more details in the log file:


If you find any issues, please check Bitnami Support forums at:

Press [Enter] to continue:

Hi @Cshiva

please read your error message

and do that.

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Awesome! I tried manual installation by generating cert and installing! It worked Thank you :slight_smile:

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