Revoke cert for domain that i do not use anymore


I was a very big bit negligent,
I wanted to revoke the cert for domain * which i do not use anymore.
But it has already expired. Hence a certbot revoke fails.

How do i do revoke these certs anyway?


If it’s no longer possible to revoke it, there’s nothing else to do.

It’s expired. It no longer works anyway.


Thanks @mnordhoff
so i am going to delete all the files for this domain.

I just didn’t want any crap bothering letsecrypt servers.


Be careful! If you’re using Certbot, you could mess up the /etc/letsencrypt directory.

If using Certbot, it would be ideal to delete the certificate the proper way, e.g.:

certbot delete --cert-name


Thanks @_az for that hint


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