End a certificate


I have domains/subdomains that are going to be deleted.
I just wonder if and how I should also remove the certificates?


Hi @janvl,

There’s no need to revoke the certificates. They will expire shortly.


If you have automatic renewal set up using an application like Certbot, you might want to delete the certificates from your own machine so that you don’t continue trying to renew them. I agree with @cpu that there is no need to revoke the certificates on the CA side, but you might not want your own machine to try over and over to renew something that can’t be renewed.

With Certbot, you can see the certificates that you have with certbot certificates, and delete a particular one from your local machine with certbot delete.

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I wondered whether I had to take action other then remove them from my own systems.

Certbot is a truly wonderful tool, I am now spoiled with the plesk-plugin but thank to my training time with certbot running on my linux desktop/server I understand what it is doing.

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