Resolved: Protection only for webmail but not for domain


I hope I’m right here, my knowledge on webdesign/webhosting is very limited.

My domain is xxxxx. It's a small website, it’ handwritten code, it's not responsive … but it‘s been working and my friend likes it. Lately there hasn't been a valid certificate, so I installed a Let‘s Encrypt certificate. The problem is that the certificate only installs for webmail but not for the domain.

I have another domain were everything works fine, xxxxx

Additional information: xxxxx leads to the plesk login of my domain.

Any ideas? Is this actually a problem related to the Let‘s encrypt certificate?

Thanks & kind regards

This is not an issue, it's just that and are two different domains, as far as certificates are concerned.

If you want both covered, you either get a certificate that supports both, or you get a certificate for each.

Plesk should have some interface to do this, but I do not know it.

Moreover, is currently serving a certificate that's only valid for

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Thanks. I understand. The wfpu stuff somehow comes from my former provider …

How hard should installing a new certificate be? What I was expecting is: I log in to plesk, I choose xxxxx out of my domains, I select SSL-/TLS-certificates, I click on Renew certicificate and I choose the Let‘s encrypt certificate.*

Should it be like that or is it just not that easy?

*EDIT: What‘s written above is what I did 48 hours ago.

I assume that should cover it. But every system is different and I don't know yours, or how your provider has set it up.

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