Request for support to get the SSL Certificate

Hello Family!

I am so happy to be part of this wonderful Family. My name is Benedict and I just joined the community. I was a trouble student searching for relief, then I found Let’s Encrypt You are my hope and I believe you are God sent.

I am a student at the African Leadership University. Also, an aspiring operating company owner called iXpress Group.

The iXpress Group is a group of company that believes in empowering African youths using digital technology made by Africans; For Africans; In African; and Using African resources. We are aspiring to become the group of company that provides opportunities in all sectors such as Agriculture, E-commerce, irrigation, Electricity and many more, so that they will be a reduction in unemployment in the continent.

We will be launching our first company called iXpress Market in Rwanda on 5 January 2019. iXpress Market is an E-Grocery Mall which provides an online platform for SMEs who are in the grocery industry to exhibit and sell they product. I have been sponsoring this idea from my pocket using my feeding and leaving stipend. But now, I do not have money to pay for the SSL Certificate as people will make E-transactions on the web application.

I am requesting for your support of helping me get an SSL Certificate so that we will be able to convince people that their credit card is safe and also to gain credibility. We are developing the site and here is the server link as we are working on synchronizing the domain name with the server soonest.

Please, Family I need help. I am open to advice on the web development and advice on running an E-commerce business for a starter.


Hi @Benedict1,

Let's Encrypt certificates are free of charge and available to anyone who has a domain name. Let's Encrypt has already issued around 700 million free certificates to people all over the world.

The certificates are not issued by or with the help of a person; they're issued automatically by machine. They have to be requested using appropriate software running on the user's web server. Instead of contacting a human Let's Encrypt staff member, the software contacts the Let's Encrypt service and requests the certificate automatically—one machine talking to another.

In this case the most important question is how the site is hosted. Many hosting providers automatically support Let's Encrypt and can request the certificate for you.

If you're using a VPS or dedicated server, where you are the server administrator, then you can obtain the certificate using a Let's Encrypt client application (that you install on the web server yourself).

These are the main ways of getting a certificate from Let's Encrypt. If you have web hosting that doesn't support Let's Encrypt, and it's not VPS or dedicated server hosting, the easiest option would be to switch to a different hosting provider that does support it.

Please also refer to these pages for more information about how Let's Encrypt works:

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