Need CSR for my site

I need CSR for my site for adding on Reseller Partnersite .They need certificate is issued, [upload your Private Key, SSL Certificate, and CA Bundle


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Although Let’s Encrypt can’t help you generate a certificate signing request or key (neither do they store your key).
You could still use or something similar to generate certificate from web (if you really can’t do that from your terminal).
Also take on note that there’s a security risk for generating certificate from the web utilities, because they do store your certificate / account keys.

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We also need to write a good FAQ entry that explains

  • This is not how Let’s Encrypt is meant to be used.
  • Let’s Encrypt is meant to be integrated with your hosting environment.
  • If it’s not, you can use a web-based client, but you will probably have a bad experience because you will have to do extra work and have to repeat the process regularly.
  • Instead, please ask your web host to integrate Let’s Encrypt (we’re happy to help if a web host has technical or policy questions about this), or switch to a different web host that does.

Currently most of them use client-side Javascript to generate the private keys, so that the web site doesn’t need to possess them. This is better than the alternative, but still not ideal because a user wouldn’t be able to notice easily if the site ever changed this practice (especially temporarily) with no announcement.

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