Report a website for abuse to revoke their certificate is a fraudulent and scam website which is using to get a legitimate SSL certificate. You can read the reviews from victims on Facebook: OYeet | Facebook

How could we report and revoke their SSL certificate?

Thank you

You can report the site at numerous services like Google Safe Browsing.

You can't. Please see The CA's Role in Fighting Phishing and Malware - Let's Encrypt for more information about the stance Let's Encrypt has taken.

Also see the VERY numerous amount of threads about this topic on this Community.


Hi @nuxclass,

$ nslookup                                                             Server:
Address:   canonical name =
$ nslookup


And here a a few links to Shopify links to assist with bad actors

  2. Report a Partner Violation
  3. Report an Issue with a Merchant

And previously in the community Is there a way to report bad actors?


Thank you, I will try this way. It's just so surprising to there is no policy to prevent them to renew their certificate with letsencrypt.

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Let's Encrypt is a nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 300 million websites. A Certificate Authority really has no way effect way to validate where a website is a scam or not; Let’s Encrypt offers Domain Validation (DV) certificates and can validate the Domain Name but not its contents.


Understood, but a non-profit organization helping criminal organizations renew their certificate at expiration does not make sense to me.

Let me explain in another way: it's like letsencrypt being a free taxi waiting for a thief to run away after attacking an old lady in front of everybody in the street and the driver being aware about it but not his problem. is also a location for tracking and reporting phishing.


Thanks, I will also send an email to


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