Scam site using Let's Encrypt certificate

This website was used to scam users on the Facebook marketplace. Anything that can be done to revoke this certificate from this user ? The site is currently down and I have a dispute open with PayPal. Yes .. I'm the dummy who fell for the $80 pizza oven regularly priced at $600 :slight_smile: These folks actually shipped a cheap item to my home town to make it look like to PayPal that I received the item.


Please read this:


Was it an Ooni oven? There are a lot of those scams right now. Report it to Ooni (they have a twitter) and Facebook, and ask if there have been other complaints for that site. If there are, add that info – e.g. that it's a known scammer and not a licensed reseller for that company – to your PayPal case.

They were advertising to me heavily last week, but I knew it was a scam and alerted Ooni.

Edit: I did see that site, reported a different one to Ooni (


Ooni could then report this to Cloudflare (their IP owner - and GoDaddy (their DNS host) to track down the site owner.


Cloudflare has told me directly that they do not take any responsibility for sites they provide cdn services for.


No vendor will take responsibility for their clients' sites. They are also typically legally shielded by the "safe harbor" provision of the DMCA.

While Cloudflare can not be held responsible for their clients, they will de-platform clients who violate Cloudflare's Terms-of-Service.

When scam sites infringe on the trademarks and copyrights of an entity, there are streamlined ways for the entity to uncover details about the scammer. (Those typically involve lawyers and courts.)


(And, sometimes more importantly, by §230 of the CDA, for non-copyright issues.)


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