SCAM Website using your SSL cert - Please Stop Them

Please Revoke SSL on this scam site, theyre stealing Crypto from gullable people via Youtube livestream…Russian host ignoring complaints

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A brief search here would have found about 100 references to Let’s Encrypt’s position on this subject:

Bottom line, it isn’t their problem–the domain passed validation so they issued the cert. If you think they’re hosting malicious content, the page above gives a number of options of where you can report it.


I wasnt scammed myself, im just reporting it everywhere I can to help get them taken down to stop these scumbags stealing…thanks for the links but…

I’m not going to search through 100 references that dont help, obviously fobbing complaints off isn’t working coz theres hundreds of threads here of people complaining

The hundreds of complaints on here haven’t worked because they’re all misguided. It’s not the job of a certificate authority, much less a free, automated, non-profit one, to stop phishing. Let’s Encrypt doesn’t have the manpower or the funding to investigate every phishing site. You might as well ask the developer of your ISP’s DNS server why they aren’t blocking the site - it’s completely out of scope for the project.

Simply put - you’re asking the wrong people to deal with the issue. Contact the police, or the registry for the .ltda domain extension, or something like Google’s Safe Browsing service.


…but you’ll continue to post here, even knowing that Let’s Encrypt won’t revoke the cert. Your call, I guess.

Their view (with which I happen to agree, even if I don’t think they take it far enough) is that the cert only validates that the cert owner has demonstrated control over the domain certified. That’s it. Not that they’re good, honest, or trustworthy people, not even that they aren’t outright criminals. A cert has never meant anything else.

They, like you, are complaining to the wrong place–because they, like you, fail to understand the role of the CA and what the certificate means.


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