Reporting a LetsEncrypt Certificate Being Used on A Malicious Site


We got this site: (fake site) used to stole banking users and password, they are stoling information to transfer money from the scammed users.

The real site is:

Is there a easy form to report certificates in order to warn users about the danger?

Thanks in advance


Hello @jmgt,

Let’s Encrypt won’t revoke the certificate, take a look to this post from ISRG Executive Director.

What you should do is report the scam site to Google Safe Browsing and Microsoft SmartScreen (I don’t use Internet Explorer but I think you can report a phising site from IE directly).

Edit: Here a site that explains how to report a malicious site from Internet Explorer. I’ve already reported it to Google and Microsoft.

Edit 2: Changed the link to Google Safe Browsing, I used the link to report malware instead of the link to report phising.

Edit 3: I’ve checked again (2017-May-03 at 07:20 UTC) the scam site and it is flagged as scam already (at least using Firefox browser).



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