Renewing Cert - old web developer gone


Our recent Web Developer left and we’re unable to find the email associated with the web certificate we currently have now. Our cert expired on the 5th and we would like to renew. What can we do to get this resolved?

We appreciate any help.

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Hi @Steve0,

Let’s Encrypt certificates are ideally supposed to be renewed automatically by software, not manually by human efforts. Can you tell us more about how and where your site is hosted? What hosting provider, operating system, and web server application? How do you normally administer your web site?



The hosting was done in Azure or AWS so maybe something was not configured correctly to auto-renew. Working on getting the OS & Web Server application information now.

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Just adding to what @schoen said: You don’t need to know the email address to renew, however when you figure out how things are set up – it would be a good idea to renew everything with a new account, as your former developer may have a copy of the old account key.

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