Renewing cert from Windows client started with ACMESharp

Hi all, I just started with Let’s Encrypt yesterday and have a cert enabled on a non-root Apache shared environment using ACMESharp on a windows client. I used the http challenge.
The site is hosted with RackSpace CloudSites for those who know ( and they do not offer any support with this ).

Is there a way to use ACMESharp to renew or better yet - auto-renew the certificate?
Is there another tool I can use to do this on my windows client?

Alternatively, I have other Ubuntu servers with root access. If the above is not an option, can I run CertBot on a separate server and automate the process for the certificate renewal on the original non-root server?

Other options?


Hi Thierce

A dedicated server for letsencrypt makes sense.

Couple of other points -

You need to find a way to transfer the cert from Linux server to WIndows Server
Certificates and Key should be in PFX format
You will need to import the PFX into the Cert Store


also have a look at winsimple

you do need to build it using Visual Studio but it’s fairly scriptable after that (command parameters)


Hi, using a dedicated server for generating the certs seems to be working but unfortunately it is stymied at the hosting service. They provide only a form submission after login for updating certificates.
Thanks for the responses ahaw021

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