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My hosting provider does not support Let’s Encrypt, but lets me upload a certificate.
I do not know how to create the certificate. I can install certbot but not do any sudo commands on the hosting provider’s server because I do not have the privilegies. Except from that I only have XAMPP on my computer with Windows. Can I make the certificate there? With what ACME client ? I am grateful for any information.


It sounds like you will need to obtain the cert completely apart form your hosting service.
If so, that only leaves you with the DNS authentication option.
For that you will need to first check if your DNS provider has an API that can be used to assist in the authentication “automation”.
If the DNS provider does have an API, then you will need to find a Windows ACME client that has a plugin supporting that API.
If the DNS provider dos NOT have an API, you will have to run through the DNS authentication manually (and again every 90 days).

In all cases, after you have obtained a cert (locally on your Windows PC), you will then have to upload that cert to your host.

The simplest “first test” would be to run through the DNS authentication process completely manually - get that to work and then move towards automating it.


@rg305, I don’t believe automation is a realistic goal regardless, as it was mentioned that the original poster needed to upload a certificate to their host. So, even if it was renewed automatically, there’s still a manual process to employ.

@Pat, you might look into a web-based client, such as ZeroSSL, which will not require you to run a client anywhere, and will provide all the files you need to upload.


That remains to be seen…
I can think of several (secure) ways to automate it.


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