Fully automated way of generating LE certificate on Windows


Given: Windows application that should be able to generate LE certificate in fully automated way on Windows:

  • certificates should be usable with Apache2
  • no IIS should be used; no problem running temporary Web server, just to provide required verification URL
  • the tools should be allowed to be include into commercial product

Does the standard Python LE client satisfy the above? Can it be launched in fully automated mode without IIS?



The official client currently doesn’t work on Windows. There are a number of clients for Windows, and some of them have automated renewal with IIS, but I’m not aware of any that support apache with automatic renewal.

I suppose it would be possible to write a PowerShell script using ACMESharp to automate renewal, but I haven’t seen anyone publish something like that yet.


le.sh can work on windows with Cygwin: