Renewal question

same issue here - where to click to renew ssl for domain?
cert expired 10 days ago, don’t see any links to renew cert on letsencrypt website

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t issue certificates through its web site, but only by using client software applications which request the certificates. @JuergenAuer shared a list of the many different tools that can do this; renewal should be performed using the same one that you originally used to obtain your certificate, which might be integrated with your web server.

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ummm. newbie here to letsencrypt so going to ask a dumb question - where do i find that ? I use sslforfree on my 2 main websites and i simply login, paste domain and generate the cert

Did you use sslforfree on this other site, or something else? How is the other site hosted?

i used this site - I have godaddy hosting - I manage & admin 8 websites of my own - only 3 are ssl cert - sslforfree only allows 1 website so i needed a 3rd solution since i only use 3 emails - I do not sale anything thru my websites - I offer one on one design service, my websites are mainly for demo to showcase my design skills, but i do affiliate marketing on them also & some of my affiliates require ssl cert to be used

I don't understand what you mean by "sslforfree only allows 1 website" (but I've never used it). What kind of restriction is this?

Let's Encrypt certificates are always completely free of charge for all uses, including commercial uses. You are free to use Let's Encrypt certificates for a commercial site without paying anything.

The problem is that we can't force hosting providers to make it easy (or possible) for their customers to obtain and install Let's Encrypt certificates. GoDaddy appears to have allowed it to remain difficult in the hope that people will buy certificates from GoDaddy itself. There's nothing that we can do about this other than to point out that it's happening.

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…and to point out that many, many web hosts are far less user-hostile.

i’ll just go back to deleting & reissuing new cert each time - this seemed like a good service to renew quicker, but I wasted 6 hours today trying to figure out how to navigate this website and instead I can just regenerate new cert quicker. I can delete old certs and paste in new certs faster than fighting to navigate a confusing website - sorry to bother yall - have a good one

Sorry, I really don’t understand which services you’re referring to and making a comparison between here!

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