Renewal on GoDaddy without Root Access

I spent the day learning about Linux and getting a letsencrypt certificate up on I could not use certbot because I don’t have root access. Instead, I used which worked fine and the site is now showing https. I now want to make sure that I can renew the certificate in 3 months, preferably automatically. What do I need to do?

Thanks in advance for your help.


You will need to find a way adding it either to cronjob or (setup a PHP file to execute when you visit)

However, the recommended is using cronjob.
(If doesn’t need root to execute, it may not need root cronjob to renew too)

For guides on how to renew certificate using, please head to their website.

(If you are using wildcard certificate and manually add TXT record, make sure to use API instead of manual since your requirement is automated)

Thank you

By the way: Nice Website!

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