Renew certificate

I recieved an email that my certificate has to be renewed.
But no there is no link to do this. When I login on Driect admin, I see no option to renew it.

Should I just make a new certificate?

How did you make it in the first place? In essence, renewing is just issuing a new certificate, but sort of automated with the end-date of the certificated in mind.

Are you using a shared hosting provider? If so, what is the name of your provider?

Hey! I received the same email that I need to renew my certificate and that it expires in 19 days. How should I do that? I signed up for a community account today. I “ordered”/created the certificate by using the let’s encrypt linux application that generated everything for me I just typed in some details. Thank you.

Renewal generally is as simple as running ./letsencrypt-auto renew. You can put that command in a cronjob that runs daily to automate it. Make sure to verify it’s working manually first, though.

You can find more details in the documentation.

In case ./letsencrypt-auto renew doesn’t work for you, please provide the sequence of commands you used when you first got your certificate.

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There was a menuitem in myadmin, but it is gone now.

Ok I added the cronjob, but i have 2 websites on the server, the commands appears on both website, so I hope it works now

Sorry, my reply was for @dodancs. I’m not sure how things would work in your case, since it seems to have been done through some control panel. What does ./letsencrypt-auto renew return on your system? I wouldn’t recommend adding the cronjob without verifying it works manually.

How do I see if it is doing anything?
The command is just standing there:

Day of
Day of

*****./letsencrypt-auto renew

You’d want to run it via SSH.

As you first issued your certificate through the control panel, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, though. Most control panels have their own integration and doing things manually on top of that can get ugly.

I’d recommend ignoring my reply to @dodancs and investigate why Let’s Encrypt is gone from your control panel. Does your hosting provider have any documentation for Let’s Encrypt? Could their support be of assistance?

@coolen, that version of the cron job is not going to work unless ./letsencrypt-auto is in root's home directory (!) -- the ./ means "this directory", and the default directory for cron is the home directory of the user who owns that crontab.

Wauw that let’s encrypt everything is not as easy as the told us in the beginning.
I don’t understand anything what you guys are telling me :yum:

Better stay with website scripting and leave this to the pro’s. I always paid for a certificate, that was much easyer lol.

I any way thanks for helping out, but for me it is better to keep using a paid version and get the support I need.

As an answer to pfg, no there is no support form the hoster.

I will remove the cronjob.

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