DNS-01 renewing with acme-sh

I’ve succesfully create two wildcard certs for my domains (alias mode).

My question is “how to renewing process works”, because in the crontab of the user that I’ve created to manage “acme-sh” there isn’t a job scheduled for the process…

Renewing actions starts at “Let’s Encrypt” side, or I’ve to create a cronjob for issuing the request?
In the second case, where I can found the documentation for issuing a correct request with acme-sh script?


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Yep. Cronjob or systemd timer, whatever your system uses.

I think you'd have to get that from the Options and Params Wiki page. It has an option called --cron which should be called from the cronjob itself I think. Also, it has an option to install that cronjob for you: --install-cronjob.

I'm pretty sure you would have gotten that info from ./acme.sh --help by the way :wink:

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Thanks Osiris! Sorry for delay! Sure, I’ve read wiki page! The thing that misled me was that, 3/4 months ago I’ve ran acme.sh and it has installed a renew job in the user’s crontab. Unfortunately, in the meantime I’ve lost the vm where I’ve setting-up “acme’s environment”! Last week I’ve recreated the vm and after acme.sh installation I haven’t found any job in the crontab …! Maybe in the first installation I’ve used root to run acme.sh, whereas in the last try I’ve created a normal user to manage all “acme process” …

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