Quesiton about the cron job created by acme.sh

I got my certificate by following the instructions in Failed authorization procedure - The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain . After the acme.sh is ran, I notice a new daily cron job is created and I assume it is use to check if my certificate needs to be renewed and go ahead if he does. My questtons:

  1. When I first ran acme.sh, I did
    export Dynu_ClientId=“xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”
    export Dynu_Secret=“yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”
    acme.sh --issue --dns dns_dynu -d mydyndomain.dynu.net

When time to renew, does acme.sh need any of these parameters?

  1. Anyway for me to know when the certificate has been renewed?

The convention with acme.sh is that those exported variables will have been automatically stored in ~/.acme.sh/mydyndomain.dynu.net/mydyndomain.dynu.net.conf.

Kind of depends what your goal is. The renewal time is predictable - it's 30 days before certificate expiry.

So you could setup a recurring calendar task to check if you want to avoid the certificate expiring unexpectedly. Or using an uptime monitoring tool like Uptime Robot which can warn you about that.

You could also acme.sh --update-account to attach an email address to your Let's Encrypt account. This causes Let's Encrypt to send you multiple renewal reminders if your certificate comes close to expiring.

acme.sh also features a built-in notification option, though it is potentially the least reliable option of the three, since if acme.sh is malfunctioning, it may not work at all.


Thank you.
Found out the exported variables are stored in ~/.acme.sh/account.conf

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